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Buying a CPO car... its sight unseen

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So after my second call looking into a CPO car....

Im allergic to smoke and cat hair....

So I have to know if the cars have had any of this in prior to making a decision

Both times its like pulling teeth to find out condition or service history, can't devulge private information, this isn't Hippa

and another twist is they are saying the CPO car has the same warranty as new, with a different end date and millage

Makes me almost sway towards new

Also no leasing available on CPO cars only purchase

has anybody gotten any other information out of Tesla on these cars or is it really hit or miss
Hi Jim.
We recently purchased a CPO Tesla Model S 85 in Toronto.
I requested to see the car immediately, before they detailed and prepared it, to provide Tesla a list of items I would expect would be attended to during preparation for delivery.
The car was washed on the exterior, and some parts of the interior by the time we came to see it.
The previous owner had dogs in the car, and I am allergic to animal hair, so requested a thorough detailing of the interior.
You can see my CPO experience if you check my posts, I posted it about one month ago:
CPO or Inventory Purchase Experience in Canada - Page 2

When we picked up the car, the condition was very acceptable, and we have had no major issues.

I too was deciding between CPO 85 or new 70. Went CPO due to the need for maximum range in the winter here in Ontario. Very happy with the decision. While we would have liked the newer car with auto pilot sensors and other improvements (like added insulation, etc), we are thrilled with our CPO.