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Buying a Tesla privately

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I am considering the purchase of a used Tesla direct from the owner (in the UK). It is still under the original warranty and has been serviced by Tesla. I can get a vehicle check but with this sort of money, how can I be certain that the vendor is really the owner? (DVLA always say that the registered keeper is not necessarily the owner)

Any other caveats?

On a related note, if I buy a Tesla privately, how do I tell Tesla that I am the new owner?
Yes any remaining warranty form the original 8 years for drivetrain and battery and 4 years for anything else should be transferrable. I would have thought that the best way being, both of you should go to a Tesla service centre to verify the VIN of the vehicle matches the owner who is present. They can also do a mini health check to ensure everything is OK with the car, I'm sure this will be chargeable.
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for Tesla to transfer to new owner

email [email protected] - you will require the details below:

To follow up on your request for an ownership change we will need a colored copy/photo of your driver license and of the the full car registration papers. ( Please attach the documents to this email as PDF files or JPG)

We also need the details below.

∙ Full Address
∙ Email address
∙ Phone number