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Buying a used Model S

Discussion in 'Model S' started by kuttakamina, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. kuttakamina

    kuttakamina Member

    Aug 23, 2014
    Buy American, be American, save the planet, and dont fund the Saudis - are all great ideas I am in bed with.
    So I am seriously looking to buy a used Model S.

    I have only driven ICE cars so far. I have bought used in the past, so really not sure what to look for when buying a used Model S.

    - What is the best way to get a check up done on Model S's?
    - Do Tesla shops do this, apprx cost?
    - Any other advice you have, I've heard rumors that old cars are not getting new firmware updates, and that buying a service plan on a Model S is waste of $. There is a huge thread on maint. plans, but since the plans have changed over time, I am not sure what is the best advice on service plans.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. mwulff

    mwulff Member

    Jan 15, 2015
  3. gaswalla

    gaswalla P4201/85/airsusp/pano/19i

    Sep 23, 2012
    San Diego
    Gotta Change those wheels on #22035!
  4. MsElectric

    MsElectric Active Member

    Oct 11, 2014
    New York
    I agree about CPO. Most of the private party vehicles offered for sale are way overpriced. IMHO if you are buying CPO, don't bother with a S60 or a non-performance 85 as the prices I see for those vehicles aren;t much of a deal. For just a bit more you can get a P85 and it will offer a substantially better driving experience and most of the P85s are much better equipped.

    Here's a nicely loaded 2013 P85 you can buy for $66K:

    Given that you can buy a P85 for the mid to late 60s, I would not pay more than the early 50s for an S60 and not more than late 50s for a non performance S85. The P85s are however priced reasonably as is. They will likely reduce the prices of the S60 and non performance 85s so they offer more of a value than the 70D you can buy brand new for the late 60s after the rebates.

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