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Buying second-hand from another owner in Romania or not ?

Hello everyone.
I have found a second-hand MS P85 in Romania.
There is this owner that wants to sell it and it has only 4000 miles on board.
If I buy it from him will I still have 8 years unlimited battery and DU warranty or does the waranty go off once you re-buy the car from another owner ?

I think you must consider first the fact that even you have the warranty, you still need to bring the car to a Tesla Service Centre when you need to.
Bringing the car to the nearest Tesla Service Centre can be an expensive adventure when you can't drive the car. People who have Tesla in their country have seconds thoughts when the service centre is too far from them. It's a valid point for any type of car. For a safe bet I think you need to wait for Tesla to open in Romania.

Is the car EU or US spec? Since you referred to the mileage in miles, and not in kilometres, it suggest the car could be US spec (individually imported in Romania by the previous owner from the US) in which case, the car has no warrant whatsoever. Stay away, if that's the case. On the other hand, if the car is bought as a EU spec, in that case, I am pretty sure the original warrant is transferable to the new owner. Caveat emptor: Not sure how is the warranty handled in non-Tesla supported country, such as Romania, though.