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Buying Used *not* from Tesla

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Hi All,
I am looking at a couple of cheap P85s, *really* cheap as in ~20K. But the closest one is ~700 miles away. Before pulling the trigger on one of these puppies I'd like to know:
  1. is there some kind of checklist for buying used Teslas
  2. can the club arrange to do some kind of inspection of used Teslas (like the Porsche Club does)
  3. has anyone (other than Hoovie) purchased a cheap used one *not* from Tesla and lived to tell the tale?
  4. anything I haven't thought of
Thanks much,
1. Check that all handles extend;
2. Assure that UMC is included, as well as two adapters, plus the J1772 adapter
3. Get a 90% charge to see the battery degrade value;
4. Make sure you can find the tow hook inside the car;
5. Understand if there is lifetime supercharging that goes with the car - maybe get a printout from the owner's Tesla.com account showing its status;
6. Know when the warranty period is up (i.e. when did the owner take delivery);
7. Get accurate status of the type of autopilot you will be getting, some have none, some have regular autopilot (I'm not sure if the P85 could be had with FSD);
8. Get a good measurement of the tire tread depth -- those tires can get worn quickly;
9. Verify that AC is working, and any 'sub-zero' heating features work;
10. Get two key fobs;
11. The usual stuff you check when you get a used car.