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Buying Used Via Tesla

Wow, Does Tesla need to get its act together, and fast.
I have been looking for a used Model X. The listings in Canada are pretty sparse, and finally something caught my eye.
1. Request to be contacted- click button saying interested, give info. No response back.
2. Request again, after 24 hours-no response back.
3. Phone store directly. store notes, has no information. They have zero details asides from what is on website. It was noted on website, in an accident, so I asked about that specifically. They told me essentially the only way to get a call back for details was to put a deposit down on the car. Yes that is right, pay 2500, then we can answer some questions.
4. Pay deposit as really did not want to let car slip away.
5. Tesla phones wanting to set up delivery date.
6. I ask questions .
7. accident noted on website-they have no information, what, how, when etc. carfax say is clean.
8. no idea of tire wear/brake wear etc.
9. never seen car-they are in the States they say, car is in Canada.
10. cannot provide service records. What??? The only person to service the car is probably Tesla, and they cannot provide the service records. I have bought 15 year old cars with all the service records from all the owners. They note this is policy. Well thats a bad policy.
11. I ask can i set up delivery and drive it before final transaction. Nope. No test drives allowed. Another policy. Another poor policy. They note if anything is wrong I can get it serviced. Well thats a 4 hour one way trip....
12. I get pictures...very disappointed, as from what I understand car is sold as is. There is a giant crack in the roof.
13. I get car fax -second owner had for one month...not a great sign.
14.Likley will cancel deposit as pics look like car has been horribly looked after, and that worries me for what else can be wrong, that is not visible.

In essence if you are going to eliminate dealers and have a centralized system...actually have a system. Put detailed notes at the take in process including about accidents , even add pictures if available. Tell aobut tire tread left, brake pad wear , etc. Cause with no test drive, no service records, and having to put a deposit down, just to get any information, is actually way worse than going down to the dealer and being able to see for yourself what is happening.