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By default, watched threads page hides threads started by users I've ignored

The watched threads page "/tmc/watched/threads" now seems to hide any threads started by users I've ignored, using an "is-ignored" CSS class. I can see how that might seem like a good idea, but it makes for unexpected behavior when the thread has one or more unread posts from someone who isn't on my ignore list.

Seems to me that a watched page should be shown whenever it has new posts from anyone not on my ignore list, because I'm probably watching the thread for a reason. Hope that makes sense.

Workaround: select "Show ignored content" at the bottom of the page.
Thanks for your feedback on that. I think the way it is currently, is more intuitive, however I also see how it can be less ideal functionally. So I think there are pros and cons to both behaviors.
Thanks for the reply — and for all your hard work around here.

🤔 I can't argue with "intuitive", because even though I disagree it's subjective on both sides. Instead maybe it's more useful to aim for consistency? That might be a little more objective.

Currently the way "watched/threads" handles ignored content seems inconsistent with thread views.
  • In a thread view, posts by ignored users aren't displayed; but if someone else replies to ignored content, the thread view shows a placeholder.
  • In "watched/threads", threads created by ignored users aren't displayed — not even when replied to by someone else.
  • In "watched/threads", threads created by non-ignored users are displayed, even when the latest reply is by an ignored user.
Wouldn't it be more consistent if "watched/threads" displayed any thread with at least one non-ignored post in it? If that's too difficult to query, then I'd opt for displaying any thread. The started-by slot can display "Ignored member", just like the latest-post slot already does.

Thanks for considering the change.
Thanks. Finally figured out why the investors roundtable wasn't showing up in my watched threads anymore.