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CA Bay Area best insurance

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The back story is I unfortunately got into an 2 accidents almost back to back in Nov. The first was completely my fault -- I scraped a concrete barrier in a parking garage which required a replacement for the driver side door. After I got that fixed up I was in a 3 car collision on the freeway. The car immediately in front of me (middle car in this sequence) didn't halt for traffic and slammed into the car in front of him, causing me to rear end that vehicle. Fortunately the rear impact wasn't too bad, so my Tesla got away with a very minor scratch on the front bumper that didn't need any fixing, and that car had minor damage. Nevertheless, I was also found partially at fault in that incident since in CA you're pretty much by default at fault if you rear end someone.

As expected, my insurance quote spiked dramatically to over $2k for a 6 month premium (will renew at the end of the month) vs. $750 previously. I have Esurance. Is it worth trying to switch, and in general who is the best provider in CA/Bay Area? Also, if anyone has any tips on getting premiums reduced post accident, would really appreciate it!
Find an insurance broker or independent agent. Ask the agent if taking a defensive driving course would help. Bundling home and auto can get you savings.

The good news is you weren't dropped, that is a big red flag to other insurance co's.

The bad news is that you are going to pay more for a while.