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Cabin camera broken

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I had the same symptoms as described in this thread. The cabin camera seemed to malfunction, and I got an immediate warning to pay attention to the road when engaging autopilot. Later, a steering wheel warning at a stop light put me over the limit, and I received an FSD beta strike for the first time.

I have been getting the warnings about the cabin camera and to schedule service if the issue persists since I received FSD beta. I decided to schedule service because I am luckily still under warranty.
so my car seems to only do it when the interior burns up from 90-100F exterior temps. which means inside is 140F+. I've seen as high as 146F in the app and cabin overheat protection seems to function only 75% of the time. Drove the car within 2 minutes got the warning the cabin camera needs service, autopilot completely unusable. at my destination I turned off sentry to let the car sleep. once it woke up (and the temps outside/inside stabilized to 75-80, I was able to use autopilot/fsd beta without issue or camera error
Tesla Toronto SC refuses to address this issue under warranty.

I’ve asked them when the app_w330 cabin camera error was introduced. Which software version.

I’ve asked them four times now and they won’t provide any response. They’re gaslighting this issue.

I don’t use twitter but this needs to be tweeted at Musk.
I had a visit from mobile service. The mobile tech said that the technical team pulled the logs and the stream from the camera was stopping. The first action the team wanted was to reinstall the firmware. The tech also ordered a new camera and harness.

The next day, I received the error again, so reinstalling the firmware did not work. So now, I am waiting a few weeks for parts to arrive.
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Adding another voice that I have been experiencing this ever since installing FSD Beta on my 2019 Model 3 (LR, RWD, paid for FSD Computer upgrade). I mostly ignore it, given that it only started after the FSD Beta install and it usually doesn't create any issue other than the warning annoyance. Posting separately that I'm now having issues with FSD Beta not detecting hands on the wheel, so maybe there's a tie-in here. I'm still within 4 years/50K miles, so I assume that if I pushed the issue, I could get the cabin camera replaced under warranty (and see if that fixes the error).
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Solved! Crossing my fingers, but no more cabin camera error after camera HW replacement at the SC today. FSD and autosteer rock solid after 3 separate drives of at least 30 min each. Still a little peeved that I had to pay for the fix since my 2018 Model 3 was out of warranty, but as an added bonus my 3 FSD strikes got removed when they reinstalled FSD firmware after the camera replacement.
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Solved! Crossing my fingers, but no more cabin camera error after camera HW replacement at the SC today. FSD and autosteer rock solid after 3 separate drives of at least 30 min each. Still a little peeved that I had to pay for the fix since my 2018 Model 3 was out of warranty, but as an added bonus my 3 FSD strikes got removed when they reinstalled FSD firmware after the camera replacement.
Please report back after a couple of weeks.
Please report back after a couple of weeks.
You should ask the SC to pull the logs as to when the cabin camera error first showed up.

I’ve been told by the Toronto SC, that the camera would have reported an error in the log files, even before the FSD update. The FSD update added the new customer facing error.

If the error showed up before the warranty period, they are responsible for covering it.

I’ve been told that the error in my vehicle first showed up 6000km ago, at 86,000km, so it’s still out of warranty.

As well, I’ve asked to see the log files of the car because, frankly, I don’t trust them with how they’ve handled this.

I’ve also requested that they roll back the update to the previous version as my EAP no longer works with the new version.

Waiting on that.
I'm having this same issue. It started in the beginning of June on my 2018 Model 3. As another poster mentioned, it seems to be correlated with heat. Hopefully this can be resolved without a cabin camera replacement. If the cabin camera is safety equipment, shouldn't this be a recall?
Same experience here. Cabin Camera warnings started as soon as I enabled FSD beta, and then the immediate nags starts shortly thereafter. Is everyone who is having this problem driving an older model 3 (2018-2019)? Seems like this might be a design/part flaw in the earlier builds. I'm going to bail out of FSD and perform a reset, along with a camera calibration and see if that fixes it.
I am seeing the same problem. I've had FSD Beta since end of December 2021. This problem didn't start showing up until later, maybe in March like others are saying. I see it almost every drive but then mostly clears itself. Occasionally when on AP it seems to cause constant nags, rendering AP unusable. However, most of the time it does not cause any issues. I am well out of warranty and won't bother getting this fix unless AP becomes totally useless. I don't really care about FSD beta that much as I rarely use it.
I am having this same problem with my 2017 Model 3. I had a FSD retrofit in October 2021. I can't remember when the warning (Cabin camera unavailable) first appeared but once it wouldn't let me use the FSD I called it in for service only to find out it wasn't covered under warranty. A quote for about $650 to "repair". Incidentally my son who also has a 2017 Model 3 and also had FSD retrofit done had the exact same thing happen at the exact same time...I real feel this should be covered under warranty because I just got the FSD retrofitted about 8 months ago and if this is a requirement for FSD to work then it should be warranted. I was glad to find this feed to see that I am not the only one that feels this way. Hope someone higher up in Tesla can see that there is a problem and that is it not just a fluke.
Mine started having the cabin camera problem right after I got FSD beta a few months ago. It made it impossible to test FSD since I'd get a continuous string of "pay attention" warnings. Also, the general warranty on my M3 ends this November; so, I made a service appointment at the end of June. They replaced the camera under warranty as faulty. They also adjusted my headliner which was hanging down too low and obstructing the camera. No more cabin camera problems since, just FSD trying to kill me every time I activate it ;)

With the initial symptoms I did think it was going to be a software issue, but didn't want to chance it with my warranty coming to an end. With all the stories I've seen afterwards, it seems they had some bad cameras and not much procedure to test them. Then widened the FSD release and -bang- no all the cameras are getting tested.
I disabled FSD and reset using the buttons on the steering wheel, and covered the camera. Been running over a week with no warnings or issues. I guess if I ever want to use FSD again I'll have to get the camera replaced, unless they find out it's some kind of software issue. For reference I also had the FSD computer upgraded in my 2018 M3.
I've had this error many times and think it's related to 2 or more of my 5 strikes that got my kicked out of the FSD beta. Who do we complain to? Should the potential repair cost fall to those of us out of warranty?
Please let us know how it goes. Hopefully they don't have to replace your camera.
New camera installed. Tech initiated the calibration process, which took a few days to clear with my current driving. So far it is behaving.

The tech noticed the camera hardware was different and noted it likely changed with the Model Y. The camera in my 2019 SR+ said something like "selfie V13". The new camera had no such markings. I didn't get any other info before he took the old one away.
I just setup the appointment via the app based on this Error Message and they provided me an estimate to fix it of $750.00 which includes replacing the camera and harness. So it's based solely on the error message and no actual diagnostics.

The error is intermittent, about once a day and goes away. AP still works, but I haven't bothered trying to turn the FSD on again after the first incident where it essentially kicked me out immediately.

To be honest, I've spoken to someone who is also testing it out and they said that they couldn't drive a city block without it trying to kill them, so I'm in no hurry to try it out. From what I've seen, it's still a few years away from prime time.

I've written to the SC asking them to fix this under warranty because the issue has clearly been there since the beginning, and it just now is letting me know about it because FSD actually needs to use it and reported a problem. How they can say that it's out of warranty when there would not be any way for the customer to know there was an issue with it in the first place is pretty sneaky.

I really hope they do the clear right thing and fix this without it turning into a battle.

I came here having the exact same issue. My Model 3 has just passed 3 years in March and has 67k Miles on it. I've gotten FSD in November last year and the issue started shortly after with documented logs.

I've scheduled and appointment in Dec '21, but was told they don't have the part yet and I should come back in the new year. In 2022 I schedule an appointment in March. Before going in, I actually asked about the warranty on the piece and was declined.
I made the point that this should be covered under warranty as the cabin camera was just enabled with FSD and there was no way for me to even check functionality at the time of taking ownership. The service person on the chat declined it but mentioned I could talk to the service rep at the SC during the appointment.
At the appointment (2hrs drive), I was being told by the service rep that warranty cases are only handled by the supervisor and that was the person I spoke with on the chat (the person never identified him/herself) but she would go ahead and talk to her supervisor again.
Off I went with the Uber voucher just to get a call a bit later telling me that her supervisor is out and if I wanted to get the camera replaced it'd be $750 - Tesla can't help me any other way.
Obviously I went back, got the car back without any work ever having been done and left.

Now what's worrying is that despite perfect driving, we've already gotten two strikes (forceful disengagement) which happened within a single second after engaging autopilot. No matter if FSD is activated or not - the car immediately nags and disengages, clearly a sign to me that the cabin camera is broken.

I wanted to reach out to Tesla pleading my case hoping for it to be fixed under warranty, but it seems there are no communication channels for that. Did anyone in here have luck getting this fixed under warranty or know of a way to plead your case to Tesla?