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Cabin Filter Replacement with Breathe Easy Filters | AC Smell


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Mar 28, 2015
Houston, TX

I just bought that exact model and used it last weekend to clean my P3D. Did the Kool-It evaporator cleaning, replaced filters with aftermarket ones with activated carbon, then ran ozone generator for 30 minutes with A/C turned on with low fan. Worked really good, zero smell now.

I also picked up one of these inverters so that I could run the ozone generator off the 12V plug:


This was so that I could shut all doors while the ozone generator was running -- I didn't want to have a door cracked open to run an extension cord inside.
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Jul 27, 2016
eden prairie, mn
I also picked up one of these inverters so that I could run the ozone generator off the 12V plug:

This was so that I could shut all doors while the ozone generator was running -- I didn't want to have a door cracked open to run an extension cord inside.
Could crack a window for the extension cord, then seal the crack with some blue painter's tape.

Btw, apparently these ozone generators can't be shipped to California.



Apr 12, 2019
St. Louis
This is the one I have:


I've had very good results in my old Denali and my X. The SR3 is new, but I'm confident that I'll need it in that vehicle as well. My nephew just bought a used M3P that's got a little funk from the AC, so I'm trying to help him out with ozone treatment timing as well (he borrowed my ozone machine).

Do you think this could be used for a house/apartment/etc? They one I posted a link to looks to be a larger unit, but wasn't sure if it's overkill for a vehicle as well. I did the Kool-it spray and new filters in my 3, but would like to do the ozone treatment as well.


Aug 16, 2020
Las Vegas, NV
Another of the "5" Vegas owners here to confirm the ac smell in the first few minutes of entering the car. I would assume this is amplified by the heat and also having cabin protection with ac on, although my car is primarily stored in the garage its still hot enough here that the cabin protection turns on at home thus draining the battery overnight. I have a carbon filled filter on its way from China so I cannot do any tests yet for longevity but will report back after cleaning and install

I'm curious if getting the aftermarket filters for the frunk would be helpful.... but doubtful it would prevent the moldy smell.

**UPDATE for prior post** *XTechnor "HEPA Filter Replacement"*

Just received the XTechnor filters today (ordered July 28th 2020) - For anyone considering these thought I'd write up my experience and suggestions as this was made quite difficult as a FHFB (Fat Hands, Fat Boy).

· These are not completely original ideas as they were taken from multiple youtube videos just adding my spin on it.

  • Performed on a 2020 Model 3 (Dual-Motor) [Dec 2019 Edition] - Should be same for all models I believe.
I was able to get everything off without much of an issue or breaking any clips

Comparison of filters: (XTechnor comes with removal tool and TORX15)

*Recommend using a ratcheting screwdriver for easier removal of air panel*

*Recommend taking the TORX15 in/out by hand to prevent possibly dropping it into the center console *



**Picture below shows the REVISED Xtechnors with the pull tabs on the proper side (right) however the plastic frame was not updated on the filter side and incorrectly states "Air Inlet"

Proper install: CARBON-> FILTER)**


Cleaner: Kool-IT Evaporator foam cleaner - I experienced how difficult it is to position yourself half way in/ out of the car to then angle the cleaner at the coils (towards yourself/back of car).

I devised a "channel" to bounce the spray towards the evaporator while placing my hand behind it to effectively distribute the foam over the coils. With a ridiculously over engineered idea, a piece plastic packaging and a few zip ties so it wouldn't get pulled off if I caught a edge when taking it out… well.. this…



The contraption worked well, good coverage up and down the coil, left it for 15 minutes then 15 minutes on AC recirculate LOW, part one done.

· Now for the install of the new filters

I found it quite difficult to get the first filter in thus getting it stuck halfway down after HULK smashing it - partially tearing the tab while getting it out. After a break.. and repairing my stupidity, Attempt two went a lot better.

I used the other filter and PATIENTLY shimmied it downward using a devised right angle (panel removal tool) to evenly drop the filter down *Realizing after I could of wet down the filters foam better slide it into position.

Placed all the panels back … and done.

Not fully confident these are actual HEPA as there is no noticeable reduced air flow.

· Will report back in a few months on if this resolved the

· I wish luck and patience to my future self when I replace these filters in a few years’ time.
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Big Ike

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Supporting Member
Jan 12, 2019
Do you think this could be used for a house/apartment/etc?
Sorry I missed your question. Yes, I bought one of these for my mom. She had a roof rat die in her attic and after removal needed something like this to clear the smell. Worked like a champ.

Also, loaned it to a buddy that had something burn on his stove (his SO forgot about a pot and left the house). He's got a pretty big house and just moved the unit from room to room over a weekend. Again, no more odor. He couldn't have been more appreciative.
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Jul 26, 2018
Beachwood, Ohio
Does the Tesla SC use a cleaner on the evaporator coils when changing the cabin filter?

I ask only because the DIY video spends quite a bit of time on running the system after cleaning and before installung the replacement filters. It's hard to imagine the SC taking that time.

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