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California teslas and HOV lane free?

EV permits are available until 2019 with no limits. There is a one-time free for the processing and issuance of the sticker.

In some parts of the state where the HOV was co-opted into Express Lanes, travel may be gratis or discounted, depending on the route (county) etc... Regular Toll Roads are at prevailing rates.
If you drive the 91 Express Lanes, then don't miss the FREE or 50% discount M-F, eastbound between 4-6 PM offer for ZEVs. You must download this form: https://www.91expresslanes.com/pdf/specapp.pdf

More info: https://www.91expresslanes.com/signup.asp

On all other FasTrak toll roads and toll bridges, a full rate is charged. There are NO monthly fees for ZEV if you have the 91 Express Lanes pass. You can use the 91 Express Lanes FasTrak pass on The Toll Roads.

The small print: If you drive a pure zero-emission vehicle (100% battery electric or hydrogen fuel cell), you may be eligible for a Special Access Account. Special Access Accounts are available for customers who always drive with three or more people in their vehicle, drive a motorcycle, a pure zero emission vehicle as certified by the California Air Resources Board, or have a disabled veteran or disabled person license plate issued by the DMV. If you think you qualify, go to www.arb.ca.gov/msprog/carpool/carpool.htm for list of qualifying vehicles that has exhaust standard of ZEV.

Obtaining a FasTrak pass through The Toll Roads has NO ZEV discount. TheTollRoads.com | Sign Up for An Account
Really, really dont want to put those stickers on my car though...

Don't put them on but have them in the glove box. If you get pulled over show the cop and see if you get let off with a warning. I think most cops recognize Teslas can use the carpool lane. Maybe not so much in SoCal but in NorCal it was 70% of the drivers in car pool and maybe half didn't have stickers.
The sticker does look ugly. We put the small one on the rear plastic apron like AEDennis did.

When you apply for the free 91Expressway Fastrak, ask for the one with 3 position switch, so you can also use it for free on the 10 and 110 express lanes. By default they send you the standard one.

Now with Fastrak there is also the issue that Tesla's windshield blocks the reader from reading it. The transponder doesn't beep and we get dinged the full rate. So now I have to open the moonroof and hold it above our head everytime we pass the reader station.