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Called Tesla to Lodge Complaint about new AP/FSD Pricing


Jan 2, 2019
Arlington VA
So my situation as a recent M3P owner is that I purchased EAP after my trial period ended in February for $5500. Ofcourse, that price was always touted as "if you buy later you will pay more".

With the latest price adjustments on EAP/AP/FSD that has left alot of us with a sour taste in our mouth and further waned our faith in Tesla, I decided to call customer service and see what they could do. After a seriously long wait time (even after they call you back instead of holding), I explained my situation.

The rep said he was aware of the impact on customers and that several others have called since the announcement. He opened a case for me and said that they are collecting such complaints and escalating to the next support tier. He acknowledged that Tesla is looking at a way to remedy the situation for existing customers that paid more and they may have something to announce in a few weeks. (Who knows if this materializes but still...)

My suggestion to all of you that feel jaded by the recent price change is to call and politely lodge a complaint. The more they hear about this, maybe our chances of Tesla making it right go up. I see no harm in calling / emailing if you can. Thanks!


Sep 26, 2018
I commend you- seriously.

That's a very mature way to handle an injustice. I also paid the $5500 PLUS TAX so it was closer to 5900.. and I'm still too angry to have a mature conversation with Tesla.

Now --it's another story to ask if I think it's going to change anything... but I do feel they should have to hear their customers. Any good company should WANT to hear from existing customers.

I'm still in shock- I need therapy.


Jun 27, 2018
I grabbed my samurai sword, guy fawkes mask, and fedora and am heading to Palo Alto to protest.

In all seriousness, I called them to see if they could knock the 5k I paid in full self driving (bought after delivery) down to 3k, but got pretty firm nos. Support staff was empathetic, and said the position could change. I'm not too hopeful, but calling probably helps. Good luck!


Active Member
Jan 28, 2018
Southern California
I think the most likely outcome (if they decide to do anything at all) would be to comp the FSD for those of us who paid $5K+ for EAP. I do feel like if enough people call and complain that there is a remote possibility they might consider this, so I support the call to action on this.


Nov 7, 2017
Sacramento, CA
I think the most likely outcome (if they decide to do anything at all) would be to comp the FSD for those of us who paid $5K+ for EAP. I do feel like if enough people call and complain that there is a remote possibility they might consider this, so I support the call to action on this.

If they end up offering FSD for free to all EAP owners, it will be *very* expensive for Tesla, and saturate tons of service center time. HW3 will be required for all of those cars.
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Mar 6, 2019
I called Tesla to complain that on the day my first payment was due, my car had dropped from $54,700 to $50,700. I wanted a performance and I wanted autopilot, but I didnt get either because $55k was the top of my budget. If I had waited a few weeks, I could have gotten autopilot for $53,700 or perhaps stetched my budget to a performance for a few thousand more.

I asked if I get free AP like that graph shows on the internet I first saw on this forum. I was on hold for a long time. The rep came back and said he just checked with the team managing everything and they are only giving free fsd to 2019 buyers who bought ap at purchase. Everyone else’s compensation is $2k for autopilot and $3k for self driving, even 2019 buyers without ap. I asked him to pass up the chain that thousands of dollars in overnight depreciation is a hard pill to swallow.

I charged AP on my credit card and now I am at $56,700 for what is $53,700 today. If i can find a way to come up with the $3,000 for fsd I will be at $59,700 for what is $58,700 today at delivery. So if I put myself in massive credit card debt, I will come out pretty even. I know that others are not so lucky.

I was mad at first, but I’m over it. I tried to say this stuff on Tesla’s forum, but they erased every post I put up and lots of other people’s, too.
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Mar 6, 2019
That rep knows exactly what to say to get an upset customer off of the phone. I wouldn't hold your breath.
Tesla only offered us a handout because literally 10k customers on social media instantly flipped out. The handout ended up alienating a new group of people but it was too late to take it back. I doubt Tesla will give us anything else, especially now that they did so much self damage and their sales are likely lower than expected. Just a guess.

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