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Calling any Pittsburgh model 3 owners

We are current model s owners and my wife's lease on her Jeep Grand Cherokee is up in 90 days. She isn't sure what to go to, and I so happen to have a model 3 reservation. She isn't like me and will purchase a vehicle sight unseen and she worries about the cargo capacity. Wondering if I could find a fellow Tesla owner willing to take a few minutes to show her the cargo space and any thoughts you've had with ownership so far!
I would be happy to, however when I went to pick up my M3 last week in Wexford, I found out that mine was damaged during shipment and it would take 2 weeks to fix. (waiting on a spare part). Tesla did hook me up with a loaner MS, so I am pretty happy.

That said they had 2 M3 ready for delivery up there with many more going out the next day. They told me they have "a couple" deliveries every day. The guy aloud us to walk around and look in the M3's that were prepped for delivery. We stuck our head in and even opened the trunk. We were not aloud to sit in them. If this is enough for your wife than I would suggest heading up there and looking around. Worse case you can always ask to look at mine in the shop without a bumper! If not I would be happy to meet you sometime once I get mine.
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