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Camera Issue

Hello all, first time poster but a long time reader.

I purchased a Model 3 on 12/31/19 from Atlanta and was driving it home (330 miles away). As soon as the auto-pilot cameras initialized after 20+ miles I got a message saying auto-pilot can now be used, then immediately an error saying "right door pillar camera block or blinded" and it went away 10-15 seconds later (It was 2 o'clock in the afternoon).

I turned on auto-pilot and all seemed well for an hour until I was in the left lane passing a truck towing a U-haul and my car emergency braked, nearly causing a crash behind me. The truck was not over his line or anything. I called roadside assistance and told them about the pillar camera message/emergency braking and me not knowing if the two were related. They told me to take it to my local service center. When I was home, I kept getting the pillar camera error at night.

1/2/2020 I take it to the service center for an unscheduled visit, nothing was done.
1/7/2020 I take it to the service center for a scheduled visit and the auto-pilot software was restarted, later that night the right door pillar camera message came back.
1/14/2020 I took the car to the service center for a scheduled visit and the right pillar camera was swapped out, later that night the right door pillar camera message was back.

I have another appointment on 1/22/2020 and service said they're keeping the vehicle for a few days and driving it at night.

I have no idea if the camera is related to the emergency braking or if the software went crazy and thought the guy would cross into my lane. Either way something is wrong with the camera because I get an almost constant error when driving at night.

I've been driving around the neighborhood this is what I've experienced with the pillar camera:

1. There is no condensation in the pillar to obstruct the view. (the forums common cause for the error)

2. It is defiantly light based, I only get the error when driving at night. (besides that first error at 2:00ish in the afternoon)

3. If I drive next to something close the camera gets enough reflected light from my head lights and it doesn't show the error, if I drive beside an open space I get the message.

4. If I have a stretch between street lights the error comes up and once I'm in range of the street light it goes away only to come back after passing.

5. I get the error even if auto-pilot is turned off. When I click on the error symbol at the top of the screen it says "APP_w269". When auto-pilot is on it will not auto change lanes when the error is showing.

My wife is deathly afraid to ride in it (she was the one following me on the highway when it emergency braked), I called customer support after the service center visit on 1/2/20 and asked if I could return the vehicle to the service center instead of back to Atlanta (330 miles away) for the 1,000 mile/7 day test drive. They swore it was an easy fix and it would be handled on 1/7/20. Here I am on my 4th visit and i'm still getting the error.

Does anyone else get night time camera errors from the right pillar camera?
Actually condensation can come and go quickly. Seems the latest software is more sensitive to it.

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