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Camp Mode causing 12v battery service?

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Only had my Model S for a month and today got the "12v Battery Needs Service" notification. Service Center came out and replaced the battery, states it had a period of running slightly lower. My only thought was I recently tested out the "Camping Mode" on the Remote S app. The car was plugged in for the night charging when I tested it out. Only did camping mode for 2 hours. Any idea if that might have been the cause?
Its a feature of the Remote S app, which will keep the climate control running indefinitely.

As far as I know, the heating elements and the air conditioner compressor run on the high Voltage from the main Traction Battery. This means that the "camp mode" should have the HV relay in the battery energized. When the HV bus is on, then all 12 V lines are powered through the DC to DC converter and the 12 V battery is charged/maintained.

Your "camp mode" should have nothing to do with a 12 V battery failure. Sounds like infant mortality to me...
Camper mode just uses the API to turn climate control on repeatedly, working around the 30 minute timeout. It's no different than if you used the official app to manually reenable climate control every 30 minutes.

Remote S works on the iPhone too, not just the watch.