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Camper mode + Entertainment

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This might sound silly, but it's actually something I've been experimenting with all day today.

When sleeping in the car there has been a way to put it in "camper mode" before, that is you put the car in neutral, engage the parking brake from the Safety and Security page and then lock the car in the top left of the screen.
What happens then is that the car remains "on", but in neutral so you can keep HVAC and all that stuff on during the night.
I also have a 200x90cm mattress from IKEA that fits nicely and is comfortable when the five back seats are down.

Now we have entertainment mode in V10 and it's a perfect combination with sleeping in the car. I just tested it but it has one big flaw. When putting the car in neutral the Entertainment button is greyed out as the car is not longer in park even if you engage the parking brake from the screen. This means that one would have to put the car in normal park (using the stalk) and "start" the car again every 30 minutes. Not sure if this 30 minutes applies to when a video is running but I don't want a video running all night only when I fall asleep.

Anyone know of a way to engage this "camper mode" and still use the entertainment screen?

The obvious software fix if anyone from Tesla is reading this is to also enable the entertainment button when the parking brake is engaged when in neutral, but I'm also looking for other workarounds if possible.
Can you use "Keep Climate On" instead of the parking break/neutral trick?

I think this only keeps the climate on and not the other systems, but I'll give it a test. At first I thought about dog mode but then the screen is busy o_O
Since I am lying on a mattress in the back of the car the front seat has no weight and I think that is why it turns off after 30 minutes in "non camper mode".