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Can’t explain this...low tire pressure warning message but PSI number is same as other tires


I did get 2019.32.2.2 last night, no idea if it’s related.
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I did get 2019.32.2.2 last night, no idea if it’s related.

Looks like a plush ride. I run 45psi. You have zero fear of pinch flats!

Umm...well, those are low pressures. Why that particular one triggers? I don't know. Which part are you not sure about? Haven't ever done the "reset" procedure to get it to be ok with lower pressures, but perhaps if that is done with non-uniform initial pressures it will trigger on the tire that drops (changes) the most (meaning that your system was initiated with that tire at the highest pressure). This is total speculation...but it would be a sensible way to do it...though I'm not sure why someone would WANT to run different pressures in different tires (does make sense to want to run lower pressures in general of course, or if you are at elevation, where the TPMS read low).

In any case, if you want to run those pressures, I would wait for the car & tires to cool, get the pressures perfectly uniform (use a tire pressure gauge for precision of the uniformity if you want), and reset the sensors using the GUI - it's totally straightforward: set your pressures and then do the procedure.
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Well it's obvious, make that tire low. LOL. That really has me scratching my head. I know you can reset the TPM, they even mention it changes the factory settings, which in your case might be good.
I'd balance it out and see if you get the backwards message again, then look at the reset procedure.
Definitely odd :confused:
Really? How does it know?

Individual receiver for each wheel, with some basic logic regarding received signal strength, presumably. It figures it out. When you put on a new set of tires with new TPMS you don't have to do anything - you just slap them on and after a few minutes it comes up and tells you all the pressures (well, it detects a new set of wheels, and you do the TPMS reset, and then it is good).

Seems unlikely that it would try to maintain the same binding during a rotation (without a reset), since it clearly has the ability to determine which wheel is where. I mean, I could be wrong - maybe my pressures were close enough I didn't recognize the pressures had swapped when I rotated - but it wouldn't make any sense, because the system has no need for user input with its capabilities.
Mostly it was weird that it triggered on that one. The pressures stated aligned with the values I measured with the gage.

Now that you have them all balanced out, I recommend doing the TPMS reset when all the tires are cold and at the appropriate cold pressure you want to run. This process does change the threshold which triggers the low pressure warning.

Anyway, for your original issue, I suspect it may have something to do with the detected change in pressure, not the absolute pressure. Or it could just be random software issues (as you speculated).
I’ve had the same thing happen as cooler temps come in. You can hit the Service button and then the Learn as new temp.

The only way to set a proper tire PSI is a chalk line. Using The Chalk Method for Determining PSI | Interco Tire

Learned this in my off-roading days. Yes manufacture numbers are great but they aren’t perfect for all parts of the World.

Just be aware of your tires on all four corners and you’ll be fine
I suspect the TPMS low-air logic just triggers on one event and that's what it displays. In other words, as soon as one of the tires is low, it doesn't bother to alert you to the others. Rear Left is probably the first one it checked. If you filled that one up, I would anticipate one of the others to then throw an alert, and so on.
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I did get 2019.32.2.2 last night, no idea if it’s related.

I got this same message show up on Saturday night. All 4 tires show as 38 psi. I have my psi normally at 44. Its been that was for about 10 months. It was chilly on Saturday night like around 50 degrees so that is why I thought the psi decreased.

Will the psi go back to normal on its own or should I fill up air in the tires? Thanks.

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