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Can a heated steering wheel be installed on a 2018 P3D?

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Although I love my 2018 P3D, I do wish it had a heated steering wheel. I know some of the most recent Model 3's come with heated steering wheels. Does anyone know if it is possible to have a heated steering wheel installed on a 2018 Model 3 like mine? If so, has anyone had this done and roughly how much does it cost?

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This has been discussed in a myriad of posts. Online as well. Apparently it is a major undertaking at minimum. Requires full changes in electrical harnesses and electronics etc. Can’t remember all the deets but it’s out there. I have a 2018 P3D+ and would love the same however after research I’ve gleaned it’s either not really doable or too involved.
Someone has asked if Tesla would eventually offer a retrofit kit and apparently they won’t. YMMV.

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Fitted? Yes (I’ve got one)

Working? No.

I managed to get a SC tech to show me all the options my car has, and he was able to show me that the heated steering wheel option was “DISABLED”. He was unable to see a way to change it with the interface he had.
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