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Can a ludicrous P90D be had with staggered setup?

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At present, July 2015, staggered wheel setup of the PXXD (where XX = 85 or 90) is not available from TM. Recent shipments are all square = all wheels same size width. 21" Tires appear to be Continental Contisport S which are quiet running... so says the marketing line.

Your best bet is to keep your old rims or go used or aftermarket if you want a staggered setup. Rumor has it you CAN order a staggered TM set of Turbines from your Service Center.... check on that route.
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Rumor has it you CAN order a staggered TM set of Turbines from your Service Center.... check on that route.

More than a rumor - this is exactly what I did. Ordered my P85D with standard 19s and got an entire staggered setup with the Michelins put on my car at the service center before delivery. This costs about $1,700 more but you do end up with a pristine set of 19s with new tires that you can sell or keep so it's probably more like a $500-$700 difference overall.
Since Elon said in the call that for best performance the car should have staggered wheels, and that it can pull 1g lateral when running on "Michelin Pilot SUPER SPORT" tires, I'll bet $100 that they're about to switch back to staggereds because they've resolved their tire supply issue by finally getting Michelin to make a Pilot SS in the 265/35R21 size.
Also do not forget that you also get softer suspension now with P85/90D. Softer than P85+ that you have.

I emailed Tesla last week with this specific question and still have no answer. Will post when I do.

Anyone else think its kind of ludicrous that nobody really has definitive data on what kind of tires and suspension you get on a $140,000 car? Didn't Tesla hire a communication person?

I'm in no rush to order P90D so I guess I'll just wait till they post on the website exactly what you get for the $140k......
I ordered my 90D on 07/17 and I am getting a second set of wheels so I can have them powder coated black, so I was very interested in finding out what the car would come with. Here is what I got back from my Tesla guy:

All Performance Model S come with a suspension setup that is optimized for the performance and handling that Elon mentioned. P85D & P90D have stiffer dampers and suspension bushings than the standard suspension — this means the car has a sportier ride, with reduced roll, reduced suspension travel, and enhanced steering connection.
Tire Setup
We have at times delivered P85D on a “square” set up (same 245/245 wheels/tires on front & back) and not a “staggered” set up (wider wheels/tires in the rear: 245/265). With all-wheel drive , the necessity of a wider rear tire is reduced as torque is also delivered to the front axle. This means that the driving experience of the P85D will be just as exhilarating with the 245 tires on the front and rear, along with additional advantages associated with lower operating costs (i.e. Increased tire life, ability to rotate tires, etc.).
The staggered fitment tires do slightly enhance the handling of Model S in corners. Because of this, all P85D and P90D orders with 21” wheels will receive staggered fitment Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires,