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Can California’s Electrical Grid Handle More Superchargers?


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Nov 27, 2012
Northern California
Summer just got a little hotter: State could have you using your AC less

According to CAISO, this summer California might be in danger of not being able to meet the demand for electricity during peak times of the day due to a shortfall in hydro generation.

With more and more superchargers coming online, will there be enough supply to meet demand?

I wonder if one day we’ll have people stuck at certain superchargers because that area is experiencing a black out.
Folks who charge at home are often aware of the peak cost times and charge accordingly. It is the Superchargers that seem to charge indiscriminately. I know that companies have been called by the power company and asked to reduce load, so it may be possible to see Tesla curtail the charging if things get bad.
But overall, I don't think that Superchargers are that much on the radar for the power company when it comes to load. While they look at charging with a load shedding mindset, I'm not sure if it will be impacting.

But that's another thing that Superchargers can think about, 3-7 in the afternoon is the worse time for the grid.