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Can I fit 16ft decking boards in the MS?

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I don't see how this would be possible even if you didn't care about the well-being of the finer materials that make up your interior surfaces. The other day I was attempting to crap a Thule Force XT XL cargo bin into the back hatch of my car and was probably two feet from being able to get it fully inside to close the hatch. That cargo bin is will under half the length you're talking about. I wouldn't even attempt something like that. If you don't have too many to haul a roof rack could be an option but safety becomes an issue and that's if you can even stay under the 150lbs or so they're rated at.

You can rent a truck from some of the big box home stores for $20/hr. I'd probably consider this if you don't know anyone with a truck. See if they have a long bed but even then those suckers are going to hang way, way, WAY out of the back. Flags will be mandatory and I'd say that even then it's a safety concern and may violate local laws of how far past your vehicle they can hang.

Best answer, find a trailer. I'm sure someone on Craigslist would transport them for you inexpensively.
I need to haul some construction materials for a deck project.

Has anyone been able to fit 16ft boards into the car?

What's the procedure to carry materials with an open hatch?

Everything BUT 16' boards. Dishwasher, furniture, 8 foot cabinets, etc. Flags, yes. Tie the hatch down with bungees or I used weed trimmer filament. Hatch open warning goes away, ultimately, at some speed.

Rent a truck at Lowes, Home Depot, or U-Haul. Should be less that $25-30 all in.
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I think you can just fit a ten footer from the front foot wheel to the inside of the hatch. 16 footers would be sticking waaay out. Probably exceeds the four feet out the rear limit I’ve seen.

Definitely needs a 16-inch warning flag attached, but I’d also suggest using the cheap rental truck if there’s any way.

The cargo capacity of the carpeted trunk floor is around 200 pounds, so you aren’t going to be able to carry that many due to weight issues.
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I looked it up in the manual to be more specific. There are four separate limits:
1. Total capacity: 954 lbs (You must subtract occupant weight from this)
(Tesla adds a note: The cargo weight should be distributed between the front and rear trunks)
2. Front trunk load weight of 300 lbs
3. Never load more than 175 lbs on the rear load floor (above the lower trunk compartment)
4. Never load more than 285 lbs in the lower trunk compartment.
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