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Can I leave the wall connector cord/plug on the ground in the rain?


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Jan 29, 2021
My wall connector is the full 18 feet from the port on my Model Y. There is no place near to hang up the plug and I don't want to walk 18 feet each way to hang the plug up. So I'd like to leave the plug on the ground but I'm concerned that rain and snow would get in and cause a short. Has anyone had experience leaving the plug on the ground in rain/snow?
Well it's not going to cause a "short" because it doesn't have live 240V on the pins in that plug handle all the time while it's unplugged. But that's still a really bad idea because it's going to get a bunch of dirt and gunk in the pin holes in that plug, and then with dirty connections in there, it's going to start not making good metal-to-metal connection when you plug it into your car, with higher resistance and heat and probably the car starting to report charging errors or having to lower the current because of detecting those dangerous heat problems.

I would definitely find some place to hang it back up. Walking back to just drape it over the body of the wall connector doesn't seem that bad to me.
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side note, is the mobile connector waterproof? Like can I leave it plugged in outside during rain or light snow?

I consider the mobile connector water-resistant, but definitely not water-proof. If it is occasionally outside in light rain, no problem. Leave outside continuously and there will be corrosion problems. Do not let the circuit box sit in a puddle of water. Don't let the plug contacts (unplugged) get really wet or muddy as there eventually will be bad corrosion.
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side note, is the mobile connector waterproof? Like can I leave it plugged in outside during rain or light snow?
Been doing that for eight years. No issues. Note that only the cable part is outside, not the box with the status light. The box needs protection from the rain because it's not outdoor rated.
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I think you're right about keeping it clean. Perhaps I could find/make a silicon cover for the plug so no dirt or dirty runoff rain water gets in. That way I can leave it on the ground. thanks
There are dozens if not hundreds of 'holsters' offered on Ebay and elsewhere to supply what you are looking for. VERY good idea to use one.

Beyond that, do think about protecting the cable.

Last, I'm sorry to hear that 18 feet is a problem for you.
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