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Can I Make Multiple Payments Between Ordering and Delivery?

That's a great question in my opinion. I assume you are trying to minimize your monthly so trying to exercise discipline in directing $$ to your new MS? I'm with you. How about opening another account where you don't have a debit card :)
Can you make multiple payments during the time between the down payment and taking delivery? For example, after I pay the $2,500 down payment, can I make an additional $5-10k payment every couple of weeks until I give them the balance prior to delivery?

Yes. You just need to contact either your inside delivery person (if they have assigned one..they may not anymore) OR your Delivery Specialist where you intend to take delivery of your car. AFAIK you can not make multiple additions to your deposit via credit card it must be in check/wire transfer form.
FWIW I contacted my Tesla rep and he said yes you could, as long as you tell them the amount you plan on financing before you make those extra payments. Something about getting all the paperwork in order so they can just apply payments to your account. Looking forward to placing my order next month!
I don't understand layaway, honestly. Isn't that called a bank account? As if the gadget is going to magically get worse and more expensive if you wait to lock it in now? It'll be newer, better, and likely cheaper when you save up for it and buy it later, won't it?