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Can I ride in your car?

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Uh I don't know how to proposition this well, but I would love to get a chance to ride in a Model 3 (and decide if I want premium interior) before getting chance to configure in (hopefully) a few weeks.

I'm not (too) scary.

Live mid-peninsula, work in south bay.
But without standard interior Model 3s being available for comparison, how would you know if the PUP is worth it or not?
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I hate to bring up the obvious but if you are going to pass on the first production for the non PUP and then lose the federal $7500 credit in the process then it will be a lose lose deal. Based on my math, the non PUP only makes sense if you get the SR model.

If you ask me, the ideal car at the right price point and with the $7500 federal credit is the LR without the PUP. Isn't it ironic how unachievable that ideal scenario is!!

I'm in peninsula, if you still haven't had a chance to try by the time I get mine, I don't mind arranging for a meet up. But why wonder on PUP or non-PUP, most likely by the time you're able to order non-PUP the EV credit would be gone.
For us, PUP is worth it, because the car looks pretty basic with PUP, I don't want to see any less of a vehicle without it. And the sound system is pretty awesome.

I'd rather wonder D or P, I'm happy with RWD and non-P version. I prefer to have air or adaptive suspension though.
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Tesla needs a better online system for previewing your car so you can properly make choices, esp. since you may never have seen the car. They needed this a long time ago for Model S of course and it should be obvious to them but apparently it's not. It would also avoid being murdered on test rides solicited on TMC.
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There's also Turo, if you want to test drive the car right away. This way you don't have a passenger/owner sitting next to you and you can spend all day trying to make your decisions...
Turo is great. Back when the world was young I rented a Hertz Model S before ordering mine. Rentals are the best way to test, IMHO. Turo is the best way to rent.
A good way to check out the different models is to swing by a local SuperCharger.

Usually someone there that is willing to chat about their new Tesla.

Might let you sit in theirs and check out the interior.

Bring a $5 Starbuck gift card or snack bar to thank them for taking a little time.

Who know, they might even offer you a short ride.

Last trip, a guy pulled into the Supercharger. Said he just got it, and was not comfortable with Supercharging. I showed him how to plug in, how to read the dash, and let him know he should be getting a text message when his charge was done. He was very relieved, and this simple act of kindness is repeated all the time with the experienced owners helping out the new people.

Same as what happens on these forums. Tons of helpful posts (and a few stinkers : >)

A nice group of owners just met up at the Kettleman Ca. mega 40 stall solar enhanced charger. They got together via some posts on forums. A few Model 3's were the hit of the event, with at least one owner offering demo rides to other Tesla owners. Everybody hung out in the lounge, had some Tesla coffee and exchanged stories.

You can also go to a local service or delivery center. Probably see a few Models 3's in their parking lot. Don't ask to sit in them, as they are usually undelivered customer cars, and don't have permission to allow others inside.