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CAN logs showing my battery warm up on my commute

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Model 3 LR AWD , here running standard autopilot.

I thought you guys might find this interesting. I've been recording the CAN messages with the EVTV interface and a DBC file that's floating around (is it from this forum?). Here is a chart showing my battery warming up during my commute home. I pulled out of a parking lot, used TACC and sometimes autosteer for most of the trip home. I prefer to use the "low regen" and "Creep" settings so that the car drives more like a conventional automatic transmission ICE car.

On the top chart, the black line shows the theoretical max regen and the green line shows one of the coolant temperature parameters for the battery. My ambient temperature was about 14C, and the vehicle had been charged at work to 80%, but had finished charging by the time I had left. You can see little bumps in the coolant temperature after hard driving, like the WOT at about 120 seconds in (pedal position in the light blue color, 0 pedal is mostly me using TACC). When the coolant temperature rises, so does my max regen (for the most part). Here it rises from about 15C to 23C over the course of the drive.

Purple line is torque where I presume a negative number corresponds with regen, and black line is vehicle speed in miles per hour.

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