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Can Model 3 Performance Gemini Winter Wheels work on Model Y?


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Sep 24, 2018
I'm planning to move from my 2018 Model 3 Performance to either a Model Y or a new Model S in the next 2-3 months. One factor in the Model Y's favor, I thought, was that my Winter wheel + tire set (the 3P specific Geminis) would work on the Model Y since they're cousins and the Y comes with the Gemini wheels in some configurations.

However, I learned today that they're actually slightly different wheels. I found threads here where people talked about using the Model Y version of these wheels on a 3P with the addition of spacers, however I haven't seen any discussion of whether the opposite is possible - using the 3P set on the Model Y (probably a Long Range version, not a Performance). It sounds like the TPMS sensors may be different, not sure if that can be resolved, but I don't really know how to gauge if the wheels themselves would actually fit and work properly.

Anyone have any knowledge of experience with this? Or able to determine if there's any hope they might work? I'm guessing I'm probably out of luck and would need to sell the 3P winter set separately and hope I can find someone to buy them.

Any help or insights would be appreciated!
For those a little confused, here's a thread I made that explains the differences between these wheels. Yes, Tesla's naming "convention" sucks.

19” Apollo wheels with Gemini caps

The Gemini wheels (19x8.5 ET35) would work on a Model Y. I don't know their load rating, but there is a good chance they have a lower rating than the Model Y wheels. As @pt19713 said, you should be fine unless you plan on loading up the vehicle or towing heavy trailers. More on this here: 18" Aero wheels and Model Y load limits

You could run either a 235/50R19 or 255/45R19 tire. More options exist in the latter size. For completeness, I'll add that the Model 3 tire diameter is too small to run on the Model Y.

You will have to replace the TPMS sensor with the Bluetooth versions for $75 each from Tesla.
For those a little confused, here's a thread I made that explains the differences between these wheels. Yes, Tesla's naming "convention" sucks.

19” Apollo wheels with Gemini caps
I was going to ask you, but it looks like your thread answered it, the M3P Gemini wheels actually use wheel caps and have another set underneath (similar to the aero wheels standard in Model 3). They actually look quite nice even without the caps (just like the aero wheels). The Model Y version IMO does not look good with the caps off (they don't look like standalone wheels, they look like wheels that need caps).

I've seen other media report that the Model 3 Gemini wheels actually are fixed and don't have caps, but obviously that is wrong from your thread.
Thanks for the input! This is very helpful.

Yes, the 3P Gemini set are definitely aero caps, and the wheels underneath look decent (although I’ve never used them without the caps - they help offset the lost range due to the cold in the winter, and I have my summer 20” P wheels for the rest of the year).

Still trying to decide between an S and a Y, but if I do go with the Y I may try to reuse these wheels, though it’s unfortunate that the current winter tires apparently wouldn’t work. At least that gives me a little more in the way of options, especially if I have trouble finding a buyer for the 3P Gemini set.