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Can the scroll buttons be programmed for other functions?

I saw a YouTube video in which an owner stated the scroll knobs can be programmed for other functions. (Although he didn't describe how it's done.)

I checked the manual and I'm pretty sure he was wrong, but since I hope he was right I thought I'd ask.

I WISH I could make something on the wheel "close the currently active feature", which is pretty awkward to do while driving when you're too tall to rest your elbow on the armrest while touching the screen.

Personally, I don't need the right side to adjust following distance. (And if I need it, that feature is available on the screen.)
That's good news, because it sounds like a future update may include it.

And if they do this, one of them HAS to be "go back" or "home" or "close the current feature". (Different ways of saying pretty much the same thing.) I want to quickly retreat to navigation screen.

P.S. It would be nice if the rear camera could display on the top or bottom half while navigation is above or below as a "configurable home screen layout".
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I just want to swap them. On my old car the buttons for volume and cruise control were on opposite sides and it's driving me insane having them flipped. I keep trying to turn up the volume with the right one and adjust the cruise speed with the left one.
I admit having autopilot settings on the right wheel is intuitive and useful, I just often wish I could change the fan speed of the AC without hitting the climate button, bringing up the menu, and then finding the tiny little area with the fan and tapping the correct number of times. A lot to do when you're keeping your eyes on the road...
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I just want to swap them.

Now, I'm NOT saying this is a good idea, but I bet either the knobs or wires could be swapped without software changes. That is, if you know a mechanic who won't get himself killed on the airbag and is willing to do things that "shouldn't be done" on an expensive car.

Worth the money? Worth the time? Worth the risk? Probably not, but I bet it's doable.
No. Tesla hinted that this might be possible way back around the reveal, but it never actually happened. There's some sort of User Interface manifesto they follow that dictates that in a complicated system like a car, with the minimal control set available in this case, to make things as safe as possible for potentially multiple users of the same car, you want to keep the available controls simple and consistent.
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