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Can we manually set the charging speed to a lower rate in a Tesla Wall Connector?

By the way, faster charging might degrade the battery faster. I wonder if it's significant enough to take into account.
Considering the battery can take 150kW or more when supercharging, the difference between the various L2 rates from a degradation standpoint is almost certainly negligible.
Yeah, ALL home charging is extremely slow from the battery's point of view. It will not care in the least. The reason that may still be kind of valid is about how hard it is on your charging equipment if you're running it at the maximum it's made for all the time.
I agree, in the big scheme of things it is peanuts. I have nothing to do for 4 months while waiting!
I do a maximum of 500 miles/month on my current vehicle. To charge 500 miles it would cost me $11 at off peak rate, without having to sign up to any EV plans offered by my Electric Coop. One such "plan" offers unlimited charging for $50 per month! Nice business they have.
But I did find it interesting that above 40 Amps, the efficiency of charging goes down for the 240 volts supply.
During months when I drive rideshare (Uber / Lyft) full time I would really really like and benefit from a rate plan allowing unlimited charging for $50 per month! 5000+ miles for $50 would be a sweet deal!
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