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Can you buy FSD (Full Self Driving) after purchase?

I believe it is also more expensive than if you had specced it when new ?

No, Tesla use it as a money generating tool for us stupid enough to part with the cash.

When I ordered our X I was too tight to even pay for original AP which was £2.5k.

Tesla than introduced Extended AP, prices was £4k I think and option to pay for FSD for another £3k.

Tesla incentivised people to order AP upfront by putting up the after purchase price, at one point Tesla offered me the chance to activate FSD on my non AP enabled car for £10,800 - that's not a typo.

Elon than really needed to grab some more money about 12 months ago, so dropped then post delivery FSD price to £5800 for people like me who didn't have AP - so LESS cost than what someone who ordered EAP+FSD with their original car in 2017.

Whilst all this was going on not enough Model 3 buyers were dumb enough to order EAP on their Model 3s, remember its a £4k option at this point. So Tesla essentially forced everyone to have it by increasing the base prices of all Model 3s by £2k and than offering the current AP as 'standard'.

Given £2k off the list price for a SR+ Model 3 here in the UK would have bought it in under the £40k VED tax brand, Tesla's actions essentially increased the cost of the SR+ Model 3 to the consumer by £3600, or nearly 10% total price.

I love our X, but Elon is money gradding con man, which ever way you look at it.
When I spoke to SC in August I was advised the price of FSD is now the same whether included when ordered or added after delivery. However they did say they have no say over what Tesla will do next in terms of price changes, conditions etc. So pot luck!?
Given FSD has yet to be fully implemented, I'd rather not bankroll Tesla until we know FSD is full operational on UK roads (or is it?)
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Given FSD has yet to be fully implemented, I'd rather not bankroll Tesla until we know FSD is full operational on UK roads (or is it?)

IMHO, don't buy FSD for full self drive, buy it if you want the enabling features, some of which may be coming soon.

I personally think that full 'FSD' that many are expecting will not be along for a long time, if ever with what is currently installed on the car. But, NOA seems to have great promise, stop line and speed sign recognition are potentially useful, likewise roundabouts (but I personally will not be trying that early) and some form of NOA that makes its way off of motorways/dual carriageways and into urban environments is the big one for me. But hands off/eyes away driving is not for me.
currently Smart Summons sounds like an expensive and sometimes rather embarrassing AND expensive gimmick!
(I've just googled the videos of carpark 'fun' that's been well covered in the Telegraph and Daily Mail...)