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Can you remove ad’s like this

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New to the site. Seems like a real good community. I turn my ad blocker off on this site to support you (even click on a few ads here and there)

However when you run “you are the 1000000 person to visit” crap it makes me want to turn it back on...

Surely you can remove just the crap ad’s?

I will at some point become a paid supporter but until i get my X in a few months ill sit in the free tier.


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As a publisher on a different network, I can say that these kind of ads are very difficult to target for removal. TMC isn't selling ads directly — it sells the ad space to an ad provider, who in turn sells their spots to ad networks like Google AdSense, who sells ads on an open auction of thousands of advertisers big and small competing for specific user demographics and page keywords.

This is simply the way we users bargained to enjoy the web — free, but in return for targeted ads. That means sometimes we get crap ads.