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Can you run a PC from Tesla 12v with an inverter?

I tried to run a cobra irad 200 from a 2015 model S that worked fine in other vehicles and the voltage seems to sag and it made a slowing down sound from high frequency to low freq and turns off after a few minutes. Haven’t tried in a couple years, dunno if that behavior could be fixed via software update....
Got an idea to run my desktop PC while camping. Does anyone think it is possible to run it using an 500+W inverter from the 12v plug? Or is there a better way of doing it?

i think the 12v plug is tied to a 15A fuse, so i wouldn't use more than 150 watts. if you want to attach a 500 watt inverter it should be attached directly to the battery with a fused connection, likely more work than you want to do.
No a laptop will be easy. I want to see if my gaming PC would run VR in a field somewhere....

So I need 5 plugs. 2 for base stations and 2 for pc, monitor and headset. Should 600-700w maybe? Maybe less.

12v plugs if lucky can give 180w

They don't have high amps 9-15amps if lucky. Model 3 i believe is around 12amps with around 16 peak out of the 12v socket.

Also your PC - what is the power supply rating? 600w? or higher?

The GPU will use most of the power is such as a Nvidia 3070 will consume around the 220w mark, especially in VR
I had a similar thought, but not to try and get a full gaming rig up. I've got the tow bar option on mine, which in theory has a 12v outlet designed to power a caravan when traveling, so run a fridge etc. While it's still no way going to allow 600W as even without finding any actual "fuse" ratings from Tesla the standard hook up wiring is only AWG13 and it's unlikely that they'd over engineer this. But I was wondering if I could power the caravan from the car while it's parked up, and therefore run the fridge, lighting, charge phones .. and maybe an oculus quest ;) also all external so no wires hanging out of windows and plugs designed to protect from rain.
While the car can't tow the caravan as it's over 1ton and also the range would suck, maybe it could power it...