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Canadian Model 3 delivery estimates for new orders are already into June.

Just checked back on the Tesla site today, it is now showing June as the timeframe for delivery for new orders. I guess all the current production is spoken for. I guess I can place my order soon, I was targeting the May/June timeframe for delivery.
It definitely said June when I looked at the Model 3 page earlier today. Now it shows "2-14 Weeks" for Model 3 SR+ and LR AWD while Performance still shows June.
Yeah, it changed back to 2-14 weeks for the SR+ and LR at some point during the day today. Although 14 weeks pretty much is the end of June anyways. I have a feeling that it is more like 2 OR 14 weeks. If there is a car with your configuration in transit that is not spoken for, it'll be two weeks. Otherwise, it's going to be 14 weeks.

I'm not in a huge hurry for my P. I wouldn't want the car now, there is still tons of snow here and the potholes are horrible. I need to give the City of Ottawa crews time to patch those up before rolling on 20s :) My 2012 Volt still works fine for day-to-day driving anyways.
The portal ETA got updated from 14-21 of March to 2-4 weeks from order placed. Decided to give the local store a call and they told me they currently don't have a date for the car.
I'm in the same boat, it is showing up as 2-4 weeks from order placed. I am hoping that the BC CEV funds will be topped up again because I don't think it will last past the weekend at this rate.