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Cannot see hood of car. How do I know where edge of car is?

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I test-drove a Model 3 yesterday and am probably going to buy one. My biggest worry while driving is that I can't see any of the hood, and don't know where the right edge of the car is. It's 2" wider than my current car, but that doesn't help much. Do you get used to this?

I do the following two things. I raise the seat up (see more of the hood) and/or look in the right mirror to see where the right side of the car is. That tells me where on the windshield the edge of the road is normally when I sit back and look ahead normally and we’re ‘on the right track’. Always need to do this to get used to a new wider car.

Simple or not, always helps to get used to judging width, especially on cars where the hood slopes away. Hope that helps!
Watch your distance sensor on your screen.
My cousin actually told me he couldn't own the car because he always lined up the front left corner of the car with the center line on the road. I divorced my cousin.
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You don't need the hood of your vehicle to judge distance to the curb. On most vehicles if you reference the middle of your right windshield wiper with your line of sight to the curb you'll be 6 to 12 inches away. It appears the wipers on the Model 3 disappear. You might try using the top of the touchscreen. The top middle might work. Best to experiment in a parking lot with curbs where you can safely get in and out of the vehicle to confirm the spacing.