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Cannot Sign Onto Tesla.com Says My Account Isn't Available Right Now.....

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Can't sign in...Says my account isn't available right now. Try again later.

Where it says reservation holders can check delivery date estimates "click here"
I click "here" and it says I don't have a Model X order. No joke!
I have a Model S order.
What's going on?

Anyone else having issues accessing their order page?
This is a first for me...
Wow. Thanks for posting. I was kinda flippin' out a little here....Maybe they're just doing maintenance or something but it would be nice to say so instead of the message they're giving. I had forgotten until today to scan my husband's driver's license so I scanned and emailed it today to my dealership to my OA, actually, because my DS is out of town and I wanted it to be entered onto my account asap. So, when I checked tonight, there was this..... I hate not being able to access things when I want to! Thanks for letting me know it's not just me.
I hear you. I'm waiting for my CPO so I check the Tesla Account like a crazy person.
It's been a difficult wait for me, too. By the time I was seriously considering this purchase, it was late October and I had to get a test drive scheduled and since the dealership is an hour from me, on the other side of Nashville, I wasn't able to get there until Nov. 17th. Then I had to decide what etc. to do, what I wanted and all that stuff. Finally ordered on Dec. 11, confirmed Dec. 14 and here I sit. I did get an email from my DS about 2 wks ago saying that production was slated for Feb. 19th but it could be a week before or a week after...and then it has to be delivered by rail to Alabama and then trucked BACK to Nashville. So, it might go into production this coming Monday (highly doubtful) or the 19th or the 26th of Feb. Frustrating and it's making me a crazy person too. Maybe you'll find out something soon!
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Yep back up for me too.

It's kind of back for me.

It's still showing Late 2018 for me.

_But_, in the delivery estimator it has Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive highlighted, instead of Standard Battery, which I'd previously selected. If I try to select and save Standard Battery it gives me the check and " Your preference has been saved", but if I return to the estimator it has Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive highlighted again.