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Canoo debuts prototype EV with very unusual design


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FF spinoff Canoo unveils new futuristic-looking electric vehicle you can subscribe to - Electrek

I kind of like it. The dashboard area is pretty radical, but cool. A lot of interior space and a huge amount of glass. No photos of the rear trunk area but there must be at least a small trunk. No information about what this statement really means; “They will offer the vehicle under a monthly “subscription” program only.”

No technical specs like pack capacity, motor power, acceleration times, just “it has an approximate range of 250 miles (EPA rating) and can reach an 80% charge in less than 30 minutes.” Which these days is no big deal; I think of it as approximately the baseline for what any useful EV should do. Tesla has set that baseline, and if other EVs don’t measure up they aren’t likely to get much attention.
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This seems more the type of vehicle Tesla should make if they ever solve the holy grail of FSD. The M3 and Model Y are cars that obviously are still cars designed for us to enjoy driving, more transitional type vehicles.