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Can't erase a sentry video listed as "Online"

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About a week ago I was picking up lunch. A pickup drove past playing really loud music. I heard the sentry alarm go off and found a video record of the event. It was labeled ONLINE. This is the only time I've noticed this label.

But when I tried to delete the video, the only option I had was to save the video to usb. The trash can icon wasn't present, but was replaced with a different icon. So I clicked on it, hoping that I could then delete the clip. No joy. It's there, in the same place but the O/S won't allow me to delete the clip. And when I click on the save icon, nothing changes.

Insights? Suggestions?

PS: I've also wondered many times why I am required to delete video clips one by one. I park at work in a high traffic area and often find 10-15 clips present by the time I go to lunch. I'd much prefer to check them all off, then delete them in one pass. If this is an option, I haven't figured out how to do it.
Ron from Maui
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A pickup drove past playing really loud music. I heard the sentry alarm go off and found a video record of the event. It was labeled ONLINE.

From page 142 of the manual

> NOTE: When the Alarm state is triggered, the most recent six seconds prior to the security event may be sent to Tesla for temporary backup for approximately 72 hours. You can enable or disable the collection of this video at any time by touching Controls > Safety & Security > Data Sharing.

Now that 72 hours has passed is it sill there? I wonder if you had logged into your Telsa account if it shows up there?

This is a good feature as someone breaking into your car might steal the USB drive. Although 6 seconds of footage might not be enough time to easily identify someone.
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Yeah so what 1 clip says is "Onboard".

I have the option to "Save to Drive", implying that it will transfer the file to SD card. But it just copies to the card. If I delete the copy from the card, the "Onboard" clip is there.


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Sentry events that caused Full Alarms like glass breaking, body movement, loud noise when parked, etc. were previously uploaded to Tesla in Freemont and held for 90 days. If the owner didn't contact Tesla for a copy, it would be deleted. Tesla no longer uploads those alarms. They are now kept in the On board computer and can be downloaded to the USB fob, but not erased (imagine in case of theft). I assume it is still held for 90 days,. This was to prevent someone from breaking into the vehicle and removing the USB fob. Although the USB fob was relocated to the glove box on newer Y's and 3's, the potential still existed for prior year models. Thus the "onboard" saved that can't be erased.
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