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Car alarm

Hi. I turned on car alarm and locked the car. I tried to open the door (without my telephone on me) but the alarm did not trigger. I also tried to open the rear trunk. Apparently car alarm (sounds + notification) works only if you lock the car and something moves inside. Do you confirm this is correct? I tested it myself. I stayed in the car, my daughter locked me inside he car. After 1 minute the alarm went off....it was so loud! Strange. A car alarm should prevent a theft attempt and not sound when the damage is already done (window is smashed or similar). What's your opinion?

Thank you
My phone wouldn’t recognize me with my wife and 2yo in the back so she tried to open the door and the alarm went off with them in the car!! So crazy loud my 2yo could have lost her hearing. Anyway I turn off sentry now manually when they are in the car but not happy with how it’s implemented
The car alarms will trigger if someone opens the door from the inside if the car is locked. It will also trigger to loud noises such as windows breaking. I've had my alarm go off falsely before because a really loud car passed by it in a parking garage (which made it sound even louder). Did you make any noises in the car? because it uses the internal mic to detect loud sounds.