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Car blocks 2 stalls at Science Park supercharger

Just saw this and.... What?!


Moderator's Note: Pictures showing license plate removed, and following explanation added at poster's request. Further information on this event has come to light, indicating that the vehicle concerned had run down to 0% SOC, could not be driven, and was pushed into the supercharger stall. Consensus opinion is that the owner/driver should have hung around, waiting a few minutes, then parked it properly (especially given the queues at the Science Park superchargers each night), or left a note. But this shows that things may not always be as they first appear.
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I was making big movements while taking multiple photos with my phone wanting to give someone the chance to explain to me but all others cars were empty and nobody in sight as I checked the blocked charger's cable. Send me a PM if they want me to remove this post
why common sense is not common in HK these days ? whether the car was pushed in or parked like that is not the issue here. The point is the driver could have parked properly once there is enough juice filled. How inconsiderate it is ? Shame on you.
Not saying that what's in the picture is good, but I've had multiple people in my Model S who hard a very, very hard time in backing in properly at a Supercharger.

I never had those issues, but multiple drivers in my S managed to park completely outside the lines.
I watched a woman simply unable to back her car up to these chargers. She tried multiple times and just couldn't do it. The last time she got up and hit the bumpers at speed and very nearly destroyed the charger. She should have her drivers license withdrawn.
the car running out of juice and having to push it to a charger is one thing, but if you have to do that, you either:

1. put a node on your windshield saying you'll be back to park it properly in 5 mins dues to empty battery


2. just wait there for a few mins then park it like you really should

it's not like the other charging spaces are empty that you can do that without expecting not to get in another car's way. quite a big sign of lack of consideration for other people...
Was the owner near the car? I'll give them the benefit of the doubt that they were and would have re-parked if another Model S pulled up.

I pulled up, had a WTF look on my face as I tried to find out if the other charger was broken and solve the general mystery why it's blocking the last available charger. I proceed to make big gesture of taking photos and no one approached me. I stood with WTF expression for a few more mins before deciding to use slow chargers downstairs. Came back about 30mins later, the car was gone and there is now a car charging at the one that was blocked meaning it was perfectly fine
so yes, probably should give him/or her the benefit of doubt....in the minutes mins betw you are standing there (even with the WTF look!) and then coming back 30 mins layer ....still plausible that the car was there only for 5 to 10 mins where the driver went to toilet, got a drink..and have enough charge to get home/or next destination.
now comes the second question, why wait till range dries out? (happened to me once with 70km range left from airport to mid levels via tokwawan at 06hrs so no traffic AND i have home charging. Arrived home with 30km range left with the help of cruise control and all sort of assistance to avoid me flooring the car again.)