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Car does software update in the middle of nowhere

So I set my software update for 3am thinking that was safe but I didn't make it home at 3am. So I was parked and sure enough the software update starts happening in the middle of nowhere. I know I set it for 3am but doesn't it give you any warning that is going to do an update LMAO. So I am pretty much stuck here until it finishes lol. I thought for sure it would also only do updates at your home. I've only had the car for a few weeks but absolutely love it. I wanted to see if anyone else had issues like this lol.
Nope. If you set the time, it assumes you know what you are doing. When you start it normally via the app you have two minutes to cancel via the app. Do you get any warning on time-scheduled starts? Anyone know?

As for being at home, the firmware has already been downloaded and is ready to go. The only requirement is that the car be in Park.

My personal advice is only do it yourself manually when you get home. I never saw a point to scheduling it. Why not do it when you get home, see the clock telling you you have an update and start it. Takes only 20 mins or so on the 3, about an hour on the MCU 1 S and X.
Lucky you. I am still waiting to get my first update from 2019.15.107 factory.
My Model S I picked up late June hasn't gone more than 17 days without an update. My older X has about one every month on average.

Make sure the car is connecting to WiFi when parked for the best chance. If you still aren't getting updates, schedule service on the app and you might "magically" find it doing so before your appointment time. There have been some recent fleet wide releases so you should likely have seen something in the past month or two.