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Car Magazine: 90kWh AWD Model 3?


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Jan 21, 2017
Read this review from veteran journalist Georg Kacher. A misunderstanding , making up stuff or does he have some insights not yet known to the public?

Tesla Model 3 review: almost a Volks-Tesla

"While the basic 50kWh power kit is said to be good for about 220 miles of range, the 75kWh battery extends the range to a claimed 300 miles. Later this year, a 90kWh version with two motors and AWD will follow.

Tesla Model 3 performance specs: top speed and 0-60mph times
According to the official spec sheet, the 1730kg flagship model can accelerate in 5.1sec from 0-60mph. With AWD, extra poke and all floodgates open, the target for the 90kWh crackerjack is an even brisker 4.1sec."
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Beyond the conjecture of a 90 kwh battery, a couple questionable things:

'although battery supply problems have caused the increase in production of those cars to stall,'
Have not heard of this, beyond Seeking Alpha dribble.

' who must now pay a subscription fee' <to use superchargers>
That is a new one to me...

Also, the article seems old:
'Morgan Stanley thinks that Tesla will make just 2000 Model 3s this year and 80,000 in 2018, around a fifth of what Musk has promised.'
But published on this site on April 20, 2018...