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Car no longer in Tesla App - Delivery Day

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Hi all,

I took delivery yesterday and car was showing in my Tesla app and all was well. Last night I plugged my car in to charge and thought I'd check the charge rate and I got a message along the lines of "Your car (ID: xxxxxx) is no longer in your account and will be removed". Hit OK and yep, it was gone from the app.

It still shows in MyAccount on the web but no delivery completed message there (I did accept the delivery though when required on delivery day).

I called support and they told me that delivery day I get access via the app etc, but after that for up to 72 hours I get logged out while "paperwork etc" is done by Tesla. I should then get my access back.

Is this standard for everyone? Or are support telling me something that isn't correct?

Similar thing happened to me. I purchased the car and was able to access the car through App for 3-4 days. Suddenly I started getting "Sign on failed. No car was linked to this account" message on the App. On the PC/Web browser I am able to login, but the account says I need to pay the remaining amount and take delivery of the car, which I already did :) How long does it take Tesla to finish paperwork and App to link to the car?