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Car purchase and insurance mis-match - 70D to 75D upgrade

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Buying a Model S through Tesla and they've sold it as a 75D whereas it is a 70D that has been software unlocked to 75D (face-lift 2016 Model S) and a 75D badge applied.

I can't see any other issues apart from car insurance - I believe it's listed as a 70D on the V5 so doesn't match when i search the insurance sites (the lady on the phone thought it was listed as a 70D - I assume the V5 shows this level of detail?).

Has anyone had this / dealt with this? No legacy ICE car could upgrade over the air so it's not something insurance companies have come across. I don't want to insure the car incorrectly and give them an excuse not to pay out!
Its a 70D with a software unlock that was only for range anyway, I'd go off the registration plate data that they hold rather than selecting the car personally or try and find someone to put a note on your insurance when you call.