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I would recommend that you avoid any carwash that uses brushes or the swinging clothes to rub against your paint. Most touch-less (water jet) car washes should be fine. Many people avoid any car washes because of the soft paint, but any touch-less should get the job done for you. I will hand wash mine through the spring and summer, but when winter comes I plan to use a touch-less wash here in town.

Father Bill
I tried a multitude of touchless washes and they were all pretty bad. As soon as the car dried, you could see it was still dirty. I hand wash as much as I can in the summer, but when winter comes, I've been using a "soft cloth" wash that works pretty well and has not caused any damage to the paint that I can see.
What about a mobile detail shop? It could get pricey depending on how often you need it washed, though. I know there's a few around Denver that have deals if you buy 6 or more at a time, bringing the cost to about $20 / wash. I'm sure Scottsdale has some that are similar.
I sent you a message with further details but this was a result of my car's first wash at a local "hand wash" car wash at 6 weeks of ownership in June. I sent you some recommendations but I will never take it to a car wash again. Some of these could not be polished out and the hood had to be sanded.