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CarAndDriver Model X site implies they have tested new X?

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What a terrible article right now. Comments full of info from pre-update with price and pictures of post. Obviously they haven't driven it and should not be implying they can even judge the new version until they do.

Ex. In the Fuel milage section, they list the pre-updated EPA city/combo/highway MPGe ratings. Those are total false right now as even Tesla only gives a single number and says ESTIMATE.

And the SPECIFICATION section is I don't know what X. $131k, but 0-60 on 3.3 seconds, with 90 MPGe and 169 mile total range. Rating of original Performance X from 2017? How dare they imply that matches a current redesigned model. Really bad!

Article should say 2021.5 has been announced but they with give full review once available.

Of course I think C&D is Tesla hostile because they get $0 ad money from them, so to be expected, but really bad journalism from a main Auto Mag.

2021 Tesla Model X Review, Pricing, and Specs
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