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Caraoke Not Working

Just got V10 and all seems cool and OK except Caraoke. Regardless of which song I pick I just get a black window...no music and no words. The play button is greyed out and the fast forward and reverse buttons don't work. Anyone else seeing same behavoir?
It isn't working for me either. It worked once but hasn't since. I suspect a content provider issue. Let's give it a day or two.

When it did work, it was cool. Lyrics displayed in white and then changed to blue in time with song. Very cool. Kids are excited to try it out.
Anybody with MX seeing Caroake and Theater? I got 32.11 and nothing - although I got smart summon and everything else.

If you have an older MX you probably will not get Theater. MS and MX with MCU1 won't get it. I'm in that boat with my 2017 MS75. :(

But I also have not seen Caraoke in the update on my car so I'm also wondering about that.

Can anyone confirm Caraoke in an MCU1 model S or X?