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Cargo Net?

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I have a 6 seat MX with two kid's car seats installed in the middle row seats.I often fold down the rear seats to make room for hauling stuff, such as delivering groceries to homebound community members. Because the middle row has a gap between the two seats, it's easy for stuff to slide forward and fall to the floor.

Is anyone aware of a cargo net or other type of wall that can be put up behind the middle row to better secure the cargo area? I know there exists a floor cargo net that acts like an envelope, but that wouldn't work for my grocery runs when the cargo area is packed full. Stuff simply wouldn't fit in such a net. I'm hoping for more of a barrier that can be attached behind the second row, likely using the hook receptacles built into the rear side walls.
Cargo Net for 5, 6 & 7 Seat Model X (Out of Stock till March 30th) | ForMyTesla.com

This was on another thread. Not quite the vertical barrier one would assume but it works.

I guess for a barrier type, somewhat hard on the 6 seater without appropriate hooks or clips to ensure it remains steady. Hmmm...anyone else have any info on this?

CargoTech Containment System Blocks For Your Trunk | WeatherTech

Or could use a pet cargo net. Seems a bit big, maybe retrofit half of it?

Pet Cargo Cover for Tesla Model X
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I have 3 options for you:
(a) Partition Bars that prevent pets from jumping rows (needed to be cut down and installed up-side down) such as this one:

(b) Hammock seat covers (again initially for pets), such as this one:

(c) Ratcheting Cargo Bar, such as this one:

I started with (a) and then switched to (b) because it also protects my rear cargo area and keeps it clean. I can use (c) if necessary to secure heavier loads.

I can provide pictures if you like of it installed in my vehicle.
(b) Hammock seat covers (again initially for pets), such as this one:

Is basically what I use. Originally I used all weathr mats in the back, which keep things from sliding too badly. I then switchd to using topfit back seat mats with a 3rd row up weather tech mat, and this works 80% of the time to keep things from sliding.

Then I bought a hammock seat cover - albeit a much cheaper one (K&H Manufacturing Quilted Cargo Cover) to transport my 70lb dogs. It was originally procrastination that kept it in my trunk, but it has been very helpful in keeping things from sliding up to the front and keeping various liquids and items from sliding in between cracks. When I need the 3rd row, it folds/rolls up very easily and I shove it underneath the rear cargo cover - frunk if I need that space too.
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I'm looking for something similar to OP. We have the rear seats folded down most of the time. Since we have the 6 seater things from the trunk area could in between the opening. I noticed there are two hooks forward of the rear seats. Is there anything that leverages those hooks to create a barrier between the middle and rear seat cargo area?