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Carpool (HOV) lane access extension for ZEVs

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I never believed why EV owners should be given special treatment when it comes to carpool lane access. Carpool lanes are primiary meant to reduce congestion, not pollution. Yes, there should be incentives increase EV adoption, but something whose value decrease with increasing adoption and blatantly seems unfair to other may do more harm than good.
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As most you might already know the Carppol (HOV) lane access for Tesla or any White sticker cars bought before 2017 in ending on 31st Dec, 2018.
I have created an online petition for changing the law to extend to at least 2021, if not Sep, 2015 (when program ends).
If you feel the same way, please sign this petition: Sign the Petition

Hey there, time traveler. I’m assuming this was a mistake, but the same date is in the petition, which will make it carry very little weight to anyone you show it to.
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