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Cars and Coffee at Montgomery Mall (8-16)

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May 23, 2013
Not sure there if there is already a thread on this--I looked but didn't see one.

Nice to see everyone today. Here are some quick and crappy iPhone pics.


EDIT: It wasn't until just now that I noticed the roof progression in this pic. Left to Right--no sunroof, sunroof closed, sunroof in vent position, sunroof open. Weird coincidence.






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On behalf of all Tesla owners, we presented Julia with this pen and photo from Governor Hogan’s signing of the bill that will allow Tesla to open four stores in Maryland. Peter (bluetinc) and Hannah were with us at the bill signing in Annapolis and the Governor handed this pen to Hannah. Julia says that it will be on display in Montgomery Mall. The law will go into effect October 1st. We look forward to Tesla opening new stores in Maryland.
A few more photos from the event are posted here. The event could have been promoted better. There was an event web page on the Tesla site but there were no referral links to it from either the blog or events pages.

Thanks to Lanny Hartmann for promoting it within the TeslaRoadTrip community.

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 3.42.24 PM.png
Darn - how'd this get promoted? I would have posted - just picked mine up on Thrusday! Julia is awesome!

I knew about it because I got an email from Tesla. One of the store employees (initials ET), told me that they cannot post it to TMC, but it is totally cool if members do.
I wasn't sure if I should have posted it to TMC, y'know maybe there was a limited supply of free tshirts :).
There is also a Washington DC google group that I really like that perhaps you should consider being a member of.
It was really nice to meet neighboring Tesla owners for the first time honestly. I'm glad they didn't catch me in the pictures above ;), but see you next time?
It was a lot of fun - and apparently, the intent was to get prospective owners to mingle with current owners, but there was some confusion from Corporate on the invite list. So yes, in hindsight, would have been super-appropriate for us to publicize that event here.