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cars having 7 seats

Apologies if this has been talked about before.

Do you think a reason the S and X can both seat 7 is because Musk himself has 5 kids and a significant other? He wants to take his whole family in one car.

Just curious about your thoughts.
As of Today Elon has a wife not a significant other.

Elon designed the Model S for himself.

Hence room for 5 kids and wife.

No grab handles because he does not take elderly parents to their doctor's appointments.

No coat hooks because he does not put his sports jacket on clothes hanger while driving to a sales call.

No cupholders capable of handling double big gulps because he is not a patron of 7-11.
I've been reaching the conclusion that Tesla make Elon-mobiles.. i.e. the car is just there for what Elon wants and desires, and the rest of us just fund it by buying it. Model X debut timed with Elon's kids getting too big for the rear-facing seats, autopilot must be optimized for the 405, stability control can't be turned off because Elon totaled his F1, etc, etc.

This is how Ferrari used to/still does work. The car buyers fund the F1 team.