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Carwash mode? [not on software version that has this feature yet]

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Tesla does rolling software updates. Best thing you can do is leave the setting on Advanced, there's simply no way to force an update even if a newer version has released and others have gotten it. You will receive the update once its your VIN's turn in line, sooner than others if you opt for Advanced over Standard. If there is a newer software version out and your car says "Up to date" it just means it's not yet available for your car configuration/region. If you have the Tesla app installed on your smartphone, you'll receive a notification once a newer software version is available to download/install for your vehicle.

Per Tesla's website:

When do software updates become available?
Software updates occur on a rolling basis. Tesla will notify you through an alert on your car’s touchscreen and Tesla app. To see if your car is up for an update, tap 'Controls' > 'Software.’ Your car will check for updates and display “Checking for updates..”
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I am locking this thread, because its basically about software updates and why doesnt my car have the latest update with the latest features, which is discussed (extensively) in the software update subforum in several different threads. Here is one, there are many (many others):

The very short version is, new cars do not come with the latest software update, there is no way to make them download it before the car is staged for it, and that may take several weeks after delivery. For more discussion, one can visit the thread above, or others on the same topic in the software update subforum.
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